• Inti Zen

    The enlightenment of Tea

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  • Amazonia Mango

    Sweetness & passion, the forbidden blend

    Tea with Mango , Papaya and Peach

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  • Blanco Lychee

    Sense your spirit

    White Tea, lychee and verbena leaves

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  • Chaman Chai

    Revitalizes the senses and energizes the mind and body

    Black Tea, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom.

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  • Don Juan

    Sensuality and mystery in a cup of tea.

    Dulce de Leche & red fruits Tea.

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  • Iluminé

    English Breakfast, awakening Blend

    Blend of black teas from India and Ceylon

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  • Inca Rose

    Sensual and delicate Earl Grey for the perfect afternoon

    Earl Grey & Rose Petal

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  • Inti Grey

    Earl Grey combines tradition and timeless elegance

    Black Tea and bergamot oil

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  • (Español) Pampa Dulce

    Comforting and exotic at the same time. Apple Spice Black Tea.

    Black tea, apple, cinnamon, natural flavors.

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  • Patagonia Bee

    Soothe the words

    Vanilla, Honey & Cacao Tea

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  • Silencio Andino

    Balance body, mind & soul

    Green Tea, Chamomile & Orange Peel

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  • Verde Chai

    Delicate balance of inner calm and outer vitality

    Green Tea, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom

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